How Medicines Can Affect Your Looks

If you are on approved medication and accept a new botheration in the looks department, there may be – just may be – a hotlink amid the two!

Health and adorableness go duke in hand, they say, and there’s no abstinent that a getting in ‘the blush of health’ has a afterglow all his own. Yet, abnormally enough, some medicines which advance your bloom can accident your looks. That’s appropriate – they accomplish you feel bigger but attending worse!

Says consulting dermatologist Leslie Marquis, “Medicines, abnormally those acclimated over a continued aeon of time, can accept side-effects on skin, hair, teeth, nails and physique shape, affecting your absolute appearance. In some cases, the looks are so acutely afflicted that it is accessible to a doctor that the getting is on some abiding medication. Not all medicines accept such side-effects, of course.” Let’s yield a attending at some that do:


A prime atom for side-effects to appearance up, sometimes in the anatomy of new pimples and blackheads. These are in fact absolutely controllable but cutting to the beauty-conscious!

Steroids, added assigned for assorted ailments like asthma, allergies, arthritis and derma problems, can accompany on pimples. So like testosterone, assigned to men or taken by athletes to physique muscles. Birth ascendancy pills and added hormones acclimated to amusement changeable disorders generally alpha or aggravate spots on the face.

Vitamin B12, which is agilely taken to advance the skin, can aftermath pimples on some people. So can the continued use of ahem expectorants absolute iodides. Oil-based ointments, if activated on the face, can aswell accord you a atom or two.

Drugs can mark the derma in added agency too. Birth ascendancy pills may leave you with faint, aphotic patches on the cheeks or accomplish the accomplished derma extra-sensitive to light, so that you tan calmly and attending darker. ACTH, a biologic which may be assigned to abiding sufferers of asthma, arthritis or allergies, can aftermath aphotic patches. Beware of over-the-counter ointments which are “guaranteed” to bright up adamant derma problems like ringworm or fungal infections. “I’ve apparent some adverse cases of derma about getting burnt out with such lotions and ointments, abrogation aphotic patches that yield years to fade,” says Marquis. “There is a amiss angle that herbal medicines and home remedies accept no-side-effects. Natural substances are aswell chemicals, afterwards all.”

Then there are medicines which could could could could could cause boredom of the skin, abrogation it asperous and scaly. These cover cholesterol-lowering agents and aswell some drugs acclimated in psychiatric disorders. An balance of vitamin A can accomplish the derma scaly. Astringent boredom is aswell a side-effect of anti-leprosy drugs (though, obviously, cipher would apperception a bit of dry derma if they could get rid of the leprosy!)


Men may not crave a admirable complexion, but hair is one aspect of looks that is adored to about everybody – behindhand of sex or age. Medicines can accept exceptionable side-effects on the hair as well. Anti-thyroid drugs and anti-coagulants (used to amusement claret disorders) can set off hair loss. Some women on the bolus ache falling hair while others address hair accident three or four weeks afterwards giving up the pill. Usually, hair absent due to medication grows aback over time. Some anti-malarials can about-face the hair blah and that, unfortunately, is irreversible.

Yet added drugs will accomplish you sprout hair area you don’t wish it. Steroids can could could could could could cause users to sprout new hair on the high lip and face. Men may acceptable a thicker beard, but it can be appealing alarming for the ladies!


Anti-malarials can discolour nails, authoritative them bluish-black. Abiding use of tetracycline (prescribed for assorted kinds of ailments including respiratory infections and astringent acne) can coulour nails yellow. Ridged nails is one accessory side-effect of anti-cancer drugs. Prolonged use of assertive anti-biotics may could could could could could cause the attach to abstracted from its bed, but this is rare.


Till recently, teeth were advised capital accessories for chewing and that was all. Now that acceptable teeth accept become a basic basic of acceptable looks, you will wish to apperceive which drugs can dim their sparkle. Tetracycline, which would be accustomed for something as accepted as diarrhoea or branch problems, can assuredly stain the teeth of children, axis them amber or yellow. Says dentist, “Usually, doctors will not appoint this biologic to accouchement beneath thirteen. But if the mother-to-be takes it during pregnancy, the child’s aboriginal set of teeth may be yellow.” Some anti-tuberculosis drugs can gradually accord an orange adumbration to the teeth. Accouchement who are accustomed assorted fluorides for deepening the apply may end up with blotchy teeth. Says dentist, “Particular drugs accustomed to epileptics can enlarge the gums so abundant that they (the gums) appearance added than the teeth!” If your medication includes the biologic bismuth, a blackish-purple band may advance about the allowance of the gums. But no could could could could could cause for anxiety – already the medication stops, the teeth and gums usually acknowledgment to normal.


Your medicines can accommodate abatement and a few added pounds as well. Steroid drugs are the big culprit in this respect. Users advance a colossal appetence and the aftereffect of all that added bistro anon shows.

Steroids can accomplish you attending added in yet addition way. Like articulate contraceptives, they could could could could could cause the physique to absorb fluid, which ups your weight and gives you a archetypal aggrandized look. The aggrandizement is a lot of axiomatic on hands, face, breasts and ankles. Says Marquis, “A moon-faced accommodating with ‘buffalo pads’ of fat on the amateur is simple to admit as a steroid-taker.”

Diabetics, who are usually asked to accumulate their weight in check, may feel hungrier due to their approved dosage of insulin, arch to overweight. Tranquilizers and sleeping pills are advised to apathetic you down, which agency you are alive off beneath calories. So, unless you eat less, tranquilizers could leave you added than before.

Middle-aged women who ache affection of menopause acquisition abatement with hormone therapy. This about could accomplish them attending billowy with retained fluid. Tonics that affiance to accomplish accouchement abound are usually appetence stimulants. They could accomplish a adolescent eat added and put on weight, with no agreement that he will aswell abound taller.


Sometimes even a alone dosage of anesthetic could accomplish you breach out into a rash, advance red patches all over or go billowy in the face. That, of course, is your alone allergic reaction, not a approved side-effect. This can appear if you cannot abide the biologic or the dyes and preservatives present in it.


If you doubtable that the anesthetic you’ve been demography is affecting your looks in one way or another, what can you do? Go advanced and ask the doctor if there is a link. If there is, maybe the accident can be minimized. For example, if you are on drugs that access your appetite, you could action the added ache with low-calorie foods. The bloating due to aqueous assimilation may be controlled by bound alkali intake. With added problems, ask if the biologic could be changed, or the backbone lowered. Analysis if you can cautiously yield a abbreviate breach from the medicine. Needless to say, don’t change annihilation till you ask the doctor – you may end up accident added than just your looks!

If your ailment is austere one and artlessly annihilation can be afflicted about the analysis that is accident your looks (as in the case of chemotherapy, for instance), you may accept to abandon yourself to getting beneath beautiful. For the account of acceptable health, it is a baby amount to pay.